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February 06 2018

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Letitia Wright as Shuri in Black Panther (2018)

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Finally, I’m crossing the threshold
From the ordinary world
To the reveal of my heart.




in a stroke of art, my ap chemistry teacher accidentally sent our class a picture of her cat

some of you asked for the picture so here it is

And people say chemistry isn’t fascinating

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8x15 // 9x04 // 9x23 // 13x09 // 13x12

February 05 2018



Kicked out of the Garden of Eden


I hate this. I fucking hate this. This is essentially a fucking hieroglyphic. I see that picture and I immediately hear a combination of sounds in my head with a very specific and comprehendable meaning. Like, I hear it. It’s not even a fucking video, its a still fucking picture but I hear it and know exactly what the OP was trying to convey because this picture has a word inherently attached to it

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Happy Birthday, Dean Winchester 💚


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So I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and I could never find anything that would actually help me.

So I made my own!

Free for all to use, this is what I would call a basic checklist for your day to day life. I have the medication slots highlighted in pink and the alternating colours to help keep track of what row is what.

You can also add to it whatever you need! Print it off, stick it next to your bed or wherever, just remember to move forward and reward your progress!


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Hey everybody, check out my rainbow rat


i found a club that is exclusively for lesbians. i build it deep in a forest, so that the straights don’t find it. the opening night is a hit. the waiting line is huge. the lesbians are pouring in, the spirits are high, everyones having fun and making friends. suddenly there’s a commotion at the door. “sorry sir, we can’t let you in. this is for lesbians exclusively you see,” says the manager apologetically. “let him in,” i say, “its okay. he’s with us.” by he i mean hozier. he walks in with a guitar case slung over his shoulder and a flower crown on his head. he smiles at me sadly and i feel like he understands. i don’t know what, but he understands. i drink more wine and ignore the tightness in my chest. on the stage, hozier strums his guitar.


somebodys gonna take the “socializing in a friendly manner with the FBI agent monitoring me” too literally and make a whole rant about how it’s actually really horrible that we’re humanizing and undemonize the fbi and it’s creepy big brother schtick and half of the website is gonna feel guilty and embarrassed for laughing at this joke and will avoid posts that even mention the fbi and the other half are gonna send death threats to the op of the original post and they’re gonna get driven off of tumblr saying some shit like “I’ve realized how toxic and unwelcoming this website is I need some time for myself” and then months later somebody’s gonna point out how it was a coping mechanism form of humor because we literally can do nothing about the fbi monitoring us and then everyone will feel stupid no matter what side they took and we’ll all silently agree to never bring it up again until five years from now in one of those “memes from 2018” posts






my favorite thing is people calling Hannibal Lecter ‘’Problematic’’ 

Like he’s some 19 year old youtuber that made sexist remarks in a livestream instead of like u know a cannibal serial killer.

Hannibal lecter: I killed and ate these people your honor.

The judge: That’s problematic of you dr lecter!

Hannibal au where the only word you can use to describe something bad is ‘’problematic’’

jury: your honor, we have come to the conclusion that the defendant is problematic

judge: very well. hannibal lecter, I hereby sentence you to 50 years in the naughty corner, with bail posted at 50,000 tumblr receipts proving that you are “just misunderstood.”

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When you’re beside yourself with laughter.

Also, Chris Evanses.

a bouquet of Chris Evanses

a bag of doritos

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Angelic Intervention - Dean is Saved by Karadin

Please do not repost to other sites - reblog on tumblr

prints and tees plus stuff at my Society6 Shop

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mr snoooot

Using the appropriate vocabulary in your novel




It is very important that the language in your novel reflects the time and place in which the story is set.

For example, my story is set in Italy. My characters would never “ride shotgun”, a term coined in US in the early 1900s referring to riding alongside the driver with a shotgun to gun bandits. 

Do your research! A free tool that I found to be very useful is Ngram Viewer

You can type any word and see when it started appearing in books. For example…one of my characters was going to say “gazillion” (I write YA) in 1994. Was “gazillion” used back then?

And the answer is…YES! It started trending in 1988 and was quite popular in 1994.

Enjoy ^_^

This is really important, especially because language can change in very unexpected ways. 

For example, did you know that before 1986 people never said “I need to”?Instead, they were far more likely to say “I ought to”, “I have to”, “I must”, or “I should”.

Don’t believe me?

Anyway, most people won’t notice subtle changes like that. But your reader will notice and be confused when characters in your medieval world use metaphors involving railroads and rockets.

One of the things you can do besides use Google Ngrams is to read books or watch movies written in the time period you want to set your story. The key here is that they can’t just be set in that time period, they have to have been made in that time period.

Also, there’s a Lexicon Valley episode on this very topic which I highly recommend. It’s called Capturing the Past

Also: “okay” and “cool” (in the non-temperature sense) were not in usage until the 20th century. And the phrase “are you alright/all right?” didn’t come into usage until around 1860. Historical fic writers be aware!

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