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August 12 2017

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Oracle of radiant pleasure…

August 10 2017


Incoming college freshmen: you might think u can do an 8am, you might even think u can do a 9am. But the truth is, u can’t even do an 11am.

Ya’ll are week… I have class every morning at 8.30 am

August 09 2017

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A quick redraw of this ♥ 

I didn’t try to redraw it in my current style, so you get to see my 2013 chibi style.

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Bunny Sam ♥

Since it was mentioned in the replies to this post: you can now get this little guy as a sticker on RB :D


This body is his now in ways that have never mattered before.

These muscles belong to him in a way they didn’t years ago after Jimmy’s soul had moved on to heaven and the angel was alone in his vessel. They were still remnants of Jimmy’s life - his early mornings lacing up running shoes before work, his weekend afternoons spent with hammer and nails building something beautiful and strong for the house.

At first, of course, there had been no noticeable differences. When had they not been on the run in some way until now? When had they ever been able to stop to breathe before?

It’s after a few months of peace that he notices things are changing. Even his - Jimmy’s - tan is fading as the weather turns cold and he spends more time inside with his books. Sam offers to show him how to use the bunker’s gym when he catches him prodding at his arms in the mirror in fascination, feeling out the growing softness where things had always been tight and firm.

He knew how it worked already, of course, but in an abstract, mechanical sort of way. So now he learns intimately the simple joy of straining his muscles for the sake of doing it, running without being chased, lifting heavy things with no goal in mind except to lift them. His muscle becomes a reflection of his effort rather than a thing that’s simply there, and every day the idea that it had not always been a part of him seems more and more unreal.

Sam joins him in running most mornings, but Dean stays home and has coffee and breakfast waiting for them when they return. He’s happy, he says, with the way his body looks and feels. He’s happy growing soft around the edges after so many years of having to be sharp and tough. And Castiel understands perfectly - because they’re doing the same thing, after all, aren’t they? They are both taking ownership of their bodies, their lives, in ways they’d never been allowed until now.

And every night when they curl up in bed together and explore each other’s bodies it’s new, it’s the first time again, because every night there’s a little more of themselves to give, and a little less of the past holding them back.


five hundered twenty five thousand six hundered minutes 

how do you measure, measure a year? 



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Variations of Cas in lingerie~

Canon Cas, Naga!Verse Cas and Lady Cas. It’s more doodle than anything else, but I hope some of you will still like it. ♥

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I commissioned the almighty, amazing, gorgeous, talented and extraordinary artist @Diminuel for a cute Destiel piece, inspired by beauty and the beast, having them make a heart shape with their arms because they are dorks. She even made me multiple versions!!

It turned out waaaaay better than I even could have hoped for. The freaking grumpy expression of Dean, the cutie Castiel being all too happy. And look at the outfits *squeels* I can’t handle.

Thank you so much Steffi seriously, I’m so happy with how they turned out ♥♥♥

And please don’t repost, claim as your own or use as your own since these are paid commissions! If you want something like this as well go commission the amazing artist!


Not to mention the fact that she rode into battle on a dragon who was born in the flames of her dead husbands Funeral Pyre, and is named after him, surrounded by the his army, the Dothraki Army. Khal Drogo told Daenerys he would give her the 7 kingdoms and he is.

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August 06 2017

I’m not on hiatus or anything, I’m just on holiday with my fiancée and doing gishwhes. Should go back to regular blogging after the 8th

August 01 2017

Alright alright but listen: Dean from Regarding Dean mixing up all the Deans he remembers being.

Becoming hard and calculating where he was neat and proper a moment before, blinking and sneering as if he expected his eyes to change, scratching the inner part of his arm just below the elbow and asking where Mary is.

Being on high alert ready to fight a monster around every corner and passing his tongue on his teeth to see if they sting. Scrolling through his contacts and about to call Lisa until Sam stops him just in time.

Confusedly asking why they are not on set and why is Jared calling him Dean? Where’s Misha? Is it Wednesday yet? Is this another fake-channel? Is Sam another vision sent by Alistair? Is this-?

Dean struggling to remake the puzzle he, or life, made of himself, until he forgets little by little every piece.

And once he remembers again, he doesn’t even bother to try and find the right joint. He never managed anyway.

July 31 2017

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Dean Creations Challenge | @vintagesam vs. @buckybee
↳ Prompt: Dean vs. Dean


for the 80th year in a row, the song of the summer is Everytime We Touch by Cascada

I’m physically unable to see this and not start singing consequently

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Dean Creations Challenge | @buckybee vs @vintagesam

↳ Prompt: Recurring themes - Dean vs Dean

July 16 2017

bad news everyone


i exist

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dean tries the hand holding thing with the real cas

because of this: x

Is there any relaxed and easy-going gishwhes team whose goal is not to win but to have fun? I signed up, but I don’t want stress this year :D

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